• Seoulkid KBBQ

    Simple Cooking

    Simply warm up and serve

  • Seoulkid KBBQ

    Pre-Cut & Marinated

    Our bulgogi beef is pre-cut and marinated to perfection

  • Seoulkid KBBQ

    7 Minutes

    Reheat for less than 10 minutes and garnish it however you like

  • Seoulkid KBBQ

    No Hassel

    Restaurant quality ribeye bulgogi for simple home cooking

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Seoulkid Bulgogi

Made in Europe


Our Korean BBQ products are proudly made right here in the Heart of Europe, ensuring the highest quality and freshness.

Simple & Clean


We believe in using only the best ingredients, carefully selected for their quality and flavor. Our commitment to simplicity means you can enjoy Korean cuisine without any unnecessary additives or preservatives

Seoulkid KBBQ Bulgogi

Ready to Serve

Home Cooking

Our products are designed to make your dining experience convenient and enjoyable. With our ready-to-serve options, you can indulge in delicious Korean BBQ without the hassle of extensive preparation. Simply heat, serve, and savor the flavors of Korea.


Authentic Recipes

Experience the true taste of Korean cuisine with our authentic recipes. From classic marinades to traditional seasonings, each product is crafted to bring you the flavors and aromas of Korea.


    Our factories are fully certified to prepare, package, and distribute fresh and frozen meat products

  • Trusted Food

    Our foods are sourced locally and packaged fresh. We meet all local and E.U. requirements

  • Local Delivery

    Shipments within Europe means faster delivery times for you.

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