Seoulkid KBBQ Bulgogi Wrap: A Classic Korean Delight

Seoulkid KBBQ Bulgogi Wrap: A Classic Korean Delight

In this recipe series, we'll prepare classic bulgogi wraps—an iconic Korean dish that combines tender marinated beef, vibrant vegetables, and a burst of flavors. With our Seoulkid KBBQ Bulgogi, it's can't be easier! 

Here are the ingredients you'll need:

  • Seoulkid Bulgogi Beef
  • Sliced onions
  • Sliced carrots
  • Green onions
  • Rice
  • Lettuce leaves
  • Fresh jalapeños (diced, optional)
  • Fresh garlic (thinly sliced, optional)
  • Gochujang (Korean red pepper paste, optional)
  • Kimchi (as a side dish)


  1. Prepare the Seoulkid Bulgogi Beef:

    • Follow the heating instructions on the packaging to warm the pre-cooked and pre-marinated beef to perfection.
    • Start adding your sliced onions, carrots, and green onions to the bulogi and lower the heat to soften the veggies 
    • As the beef heats up, you'll start wanting to get a little taste... But wait! It'll be worth it :) 

  2. Set Aside the Bowl of Rice and Fresh Lettuce Leaves:

    • Cook rice separately and keep it warm in a bowl.
    • Clean and separate fresh lettuce leaves, ensuring they are crisp and ready to be used as a wrap.

  3. Assemble Your Bulgogi Wrap:

    • Take a lettuce leaf and place it on your plate or in your hand.
    • Add a spoonful of warm rice onto the lettuce leaf.
    • Place a generous portion of the flavorful Seoulkid Bulgogi Beef on top of the rice.

  4. Add additional toppings (Optional):

    • For those who enjoy a little extra kick, add some diced fresh jalapeños or thinly sliced fresh garlic on top of the bulgogi.
    • To add a burst of tangy spiciness, dab a small amount of gochujang onto the ingredients.

  5. Wrap It Up:

    • Fold the lettuce leaf around the bulgogi, rice, and garnishes, creating a neat package. Challenge yourself to down one in 2 bites! 
    • Take a bite and experience the harmonious blend of flavors—the tender bulgogi, the refreshing vegetables, and the complementary spices.

  6. Enjoy with Kimchi:

    • On the side, serve some traditional kimchi—a Korean staple that adds a delightful tang and complexity to your meal.
    • Take breaks between wraps to enjoy bites of kimchi, cleansing your palate and adding another layer of taste to your experience.

The classic bulgogi wrap is a staple to Korean cuisine and universally loved. With Seoulkid KBBQ Bulgogi Beef as the star ingredient, paired with fresh vegetables, rice, and optional spices, you can create a delectable and satisfying meal. Embrace the tradition of wrapping Korean bbq and downing pure goodness. 

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